NBA 2K19 Review: 6 Ups & 2 Downs


2. MyTeam

Nba 2K19 MyTeam
2K Sports

No more than an attempt at cashing in on the giant financial success of EA's various Ultimate Team modes, MyTeam remains the shallowest and least rewarding way to play NBA 2K19, despite a handful of new bells and whistles.

SuperMax and Pack and Playoffs are gone, Triple Threat allows you to test a three-man team against every current NBA side's top trio, while gem levels and the packs themselves have been switched up, but the concept is largely the same. Packs of random cards are acquired using Virtual Currency, and players attempt to assemble an all-time NBA dream team either by grinding through MyTeam itself or splashing out on microtransactions. It's a gamble, and largely unsatisfying, particularly as the sense of progression is so minuscule without diving into your own wallet.

While MyTeam's core concept is solid, 2K are yet to deliver on a level that matches the hype. It's biggest pull remains the minute chance you'll unearth an absurd 98-rated Michael Jordan card among the Ron Bakers and Zaza Pachulias. If you're willing to sacrifice the colossal amount of time of money it takes to do that, then fair enough, but MyTeam still feels like a cash-grab...


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