New Arkham Origins Villain Revealed: Copperhead Trailer

Copperhead A new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins has revealed the game€™s fourth assassin, the serpent inspired Copperhead. The character seems to move in a similar fashion to Catwoman, using acrobatics and contortion to sneak her way through environments and battle her enemies. However, the most interesting thing done with the character is her seeming sex change, as the comic-book version of Copperhead is actually male, while Arkham€™s adaptation appears to be some sort of transsexual (though many claim she€™s simply female, which may be more likely).

On the other hand, even though the interpretation seems original, her appearance looks strikingly like an emo version of Tony S. Daniel€™s Catgirl. It€™s a pretty staple €˜bad girl€™ look, not doing anything particularly outstanding in terms of costume or body shape, but that doesn€™t mean she doesn€™t look good. In truth she€™s a pretty neat character, with her snake like movements and use of poison giving her the sinister air of a cross between Catwoman and The Joker, making her seem just as dangerous as the physically imposing Bane.

While she isn€™t an obvious choice for the title, it does fit in with developers€™ intentions to introduce some largely unknown villains into the franchise, such as the already revealed Anarky. Obviously they were left little choice after Arkham City used all Batman€™s major bad-guys, but it€™s nice to see some new blood all the same.

Copperhead€™s inclusion into the eight assassins also blows the remaining four places wide open, as it means the game€™s main antagonists won€™t necessarily be well known rogues as we€™d previously thought. Personally I think Talia al Ghul being on the list is a pretty safe bet, yet apart from her (or maybe her dad) the other three could be almost any villain from DC.

Who do you think will be on the assassin party list? Are you pleased Copperhead is in the game, or had you never even heard of the character before now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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