New FIFA 12 Patch Download Fixes Online Goalkeeping Bug

No longer can you just control your goalkeeper and allow the outfield 10 to be controlled by the highly skilled AI to cheat in online matches!

Listening to the huge backlash from fans against the highly controversial goalkeeper exploit that completely ruined online matches in the newly released Fifa 12 (if you haven't heard about it, basically you could control just your goalkeeper's movements online, leaving a highly skilled AI to be control of the outfield 10!), a new patch has been released by Electronic Arts that fixes the issue and is available to download now. The Fifa 12 patch fix is live on the Playstation 3 network, Xbox 360 live but has already been out for sometime on the Mac and PC versions of the game. According to Eurogamer, here's what the patch does:
Goalkeeper control in online matches: We asked for your feedback and we got lots of it. After reviewing that and our own telemetry, we decided that enough people were abusing this feature online to negatively affect the experience of the majority. So we have decided to remove the ability to press Back/Select and play as the goalkeeper, allowing the CPU to defend, in all online matches. The function remains available in offline matches. Fixed a situation that would see the user in an empty FUT Store without button functionality. Fixed a FUT crash when using custom tactics. Fixed a hard lock that would occur when applying a Manager Contract after purchasing a Bronze Premium Pack in FUT. Fixed a situation that would see some users being disconnected from FUT after five seconds of connectivity. We have optimised the FUT server to speed up transactions. Fixed a situation where the game would hang when downloading a Game Face. Fixed a situation that would allow an online team to be controlled by other player.
EA forum administrator 'Duxor' said on the forums regarding the new patch.
"Once again thank you for your continued patience while waiting for this patch and for the ones we will be releasing in the future...While we know this patch may not contain everything you wish to be addressed, it is a good start. And with your continued support we will be addressing more issues as soon as we can."
Meanwhile at rivals Konami, they have promised to similarly fix a controversial bug from PES 2012 that caused stuttering when your player's running would stop, then start again, then stop, then start if you held down the sprint button. The bug was present in the demo all the way to the retail version but Konami has promised to the fix the bug in an November update next month.
"Stutter run issue will be fixed in November," said a Tweet by PES team leader Jon Murphy.
Meanwhile you can read our FIFA 11 review online HERE. We scored the game four and a half stars. Our PES 2012 review is forthcoming.
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