Yesterday, Eurogamer.Net unveiled that the former developer of Fable, James Duncan, is developing a new iOS game titled, Rogue Star.

In an interview with Eurogamer last year, he discussed that his hopes for the game were to reignite love for the space combat and trading genre. Stating the game would appeal to fans of classics such as Tie Fighter, Red Baron, and Elite.

Fans can expect to see themselves piloting, fighting, and trading. That is about the extent of details available on the title. It’s not even clear how the game will truly play. It is known, that you won’t simply be staring at the dark colors of space. Players will be treated to an attractive and simple presentation, that allows to distinguish it from other titles on the market.

While discussing the evolution of current games he said, “These genres fell away because…with more money people don’t want to take chances…They just want to do FPS and third-person games.”

Sadly, it’s too true. Publishers now are obsessed with the profitability of the big FPS titles and the huge set pieces of many third-person titles, and who can truly blame them. Publishers want to make money, and they know how to do it. The people that suffer are us, the gamers, who miss the games that break the mold, that don’t cater to the sheer profitability of an IP. The people who suffer most are the gamers who miss discovering a new game that focuses on gameplay over setpieces.

I admit that setpieces are nice, but it’s a shame that these forgotten genres aren’t even on the radar of publishers. Some truly great gems could be polished for all of us to share.

One thing is for sure, Rogue Star is going to be a refreshing title to get our hands on.

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This article was first posted on March 29, 2012