PlayStation 4 and XBox 720 – New Rumors

Read the latest rumors about the Playstation 4 and XBox 720.

Matt Mann


New rumors about the Xbox 720 and PS4 showed up today; I know the rumors are getting tiresome at this point not to mention according to other rumors we won’t get official confirmation about the new consoles until much later this year because according to both Microsoft and Sony neither next generation console will be showing up at E3 this year.

That being said some of these rumors support what we have been hearing before; the new Xbox will have a  Blu-ray drive. In addition, similar to other rumors the new Xbox will combat used game sales with the need for a constant connection to the internet. This particular rumor isn’t about stopping used game sales, but I can think of no other major reason to force you to stay constantly connected to the internet other than to stop used game sales.

Also there is some speculation about the specs of the Xbox 720:

“console will contain two GPUS, with one saying, It’s like two PCs taped together.The graphics cards are rumoured to be equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs, but are not CrossFire or SLI”.

The rumor about the PS4 however was a little more contradictory to what we have heard before, according to sources the PS4 will actually be released before the next generation Xbox (which is rumored to be released Christmas 2013). We have heard constantly that the next generation Xbox would be released ahead of the PS4 so this rumor is a little bit of a shock.

Within the past week we have had rumors that both the PS4 and next generation Xbox will need a constant internet connection to play games, this is very disconcerting.

Apparently the next generation of gaming will require you have some form of internet and if you don’t you can’t play games; so for example if your internet service goes down for five or six hours like mine did you don’t get to play games. I am hoping these rumors aren’t true but if they are does that change what next generation system you will buy?