New Shenmue III Trailer Drops, Will Be Epic Games Exclusive

Now with 10% more animation.

Fans eagerly awaiting Shenmue III, the next installment in Yu Suzuki's '80s revenge epic 18 years in the making, were forced to wait just a little longer this month when the game was pushed back from its original August release date to November for some final tweaks. We got a fresh glimpse at how work is coming along at E3's PC Gaming Show last night - and things are looking increasingly positive.

Suzuki himself was in LA to present the latest footage of his game, which depicted perpetually-plastered protagonist Ryo sparring with a kung-fu master, as well as further shots of Shenmue III's locations. We also saw a dramatic chase through a marketplace - something of a Shenmue staple.

Though Shenmue fans are the most forgiving in the world - they're Shenmue fans, after all - there had been some reservations about the game's animation and general presentation after earlier trailers had dropped. We're glad to say things are looking better, more human than ever in this fresh pre-launch effort.

Less positive news was the announcement that Shenmue III is set to be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive when it releases on PC, causing outrage amongst several Kickstarter backers who were originally promised Steam keys. Developer Ys Net justified the move, stating it would provide "the most enjoyable experience on PC."

One final piece of exciting news for Shenmue fans is that Limited Run games will offer a goodie-packed Collector's Edition of the game when it launches this November. The bundle includes a copy of the game, a shoji door desk lamp, stickers, patches, and replicas of the games' iconic Phoenix/Dragon mirrors.

Shenmue III is set to release for PC and PS4 on 19 November 2019.

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