Nintendo NX: 12 Launch Games That Would Sell Millions

It's make or break time for Nintendo. Can they deliver?

Details are scarce about the upcoming Nintendo NX. It's happening, it's coming soon, but for now there are only strong rumours and rare pieces of evidence (which we've covered over here) to suggest which direction Nintendo will be heading in with their new console. One thing is for certain, Shigeru Miyamoto publicly stated his frustration over 'passive gamers' last year, and confirmed that Nintendo would be returning to producing outstanding games for their core fans rather than emphasising the need to attract all casual audiences to the Wii and Wii U. The Wii was a revolutionary step forward in terms of innovation, yet it failed to deliver many classic games, while the Wii U flopped on almost every front. The sad truth is that people don't take Nintendo seriously anymore. While Microsoft and Sony fans can delve into the stunning Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, GTA and the wildly successful Batman: Arkham series, Nintendo's old faithful have been bombarded with Nintendogs, every Lego spinoff known to man, and a string of other games that will only be cracked out for your Gran to play on Christmas Day. The Nintendo NX needs to adapt. There's no harm in being different, but it needs to be a powerful machine capable of keeping up with the PS4 and Xbox One at the very least. Nintendo have some outstanding ideas, and are masters at creating legendary games, but they need a console to match, and third party content that won't just turn the console into a gimmicky joke. Here are 12 games that would sell millions of copies around the world if Nintendo got their act together...
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