Nintendo Switch: 10 3DS & DS Games We NEED To See

Everyone deserves a second a chance.


Throughout their history, Nintendo has set the bar for handheld gaming pretty high. When you think of gaming on the go, your first thoughts are probably of the house that Mario built. It's with good reason too, as there are so many excellent games available on all their consoles, catering to every genre out there.

The DS and 3DS were two such mega hit systems, both came with a hefty plethora of games in their library. But what about the others? The also-rans?

With such a hefty catalogue, it's inevitable that some games were going to be left in the dust - in some cases understandably, others less so. Either way there are lots of awesome games that got overlooked and overshadowed, and don't they deserve a second chance?

Due to the success, superior hardware and versatility of the Switch, there's never been a better time to reach audiences they may have failed to the first time.

Be it a physical rerelease or digital download these are the games that could find new life on the latest hybrid console.

Naturally there are bound to be a lot of games that are still being overlooked that deserve a second chance, so let everyone else know about your favourites.

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