Overwatch: 10 Best Ultimate Abilities In 2019 - Ranked

Which abilities truly are the ultimates?


Blizzard's Overwatch has been out for over two years, and yet still rakes in a huge audience due to the FPS' unique take on the genre. Millions of dollars a year, occasional updates and a company-sponsored international Overwatch League on its second season, the game is continually on its toes.

One of the biggest ways that Overwatch stands out comes from an incredible roster of heroes. Each has a vibrant amount of lore, design, mechanics, and, most importantly for this list, abilities. Every hero has a set amount of abilities that can be used intermittently throughout every game, the most powerful of which is that hero's Ultimate.

Charging over time, Ultimates can be unleashed when ready, often creating devastating effects that turn the tide of battle in seconds. They include a giant dragon-shaped beam, an aura of cold that freezes enemies, a barrage of missiles that rain down upon enemies and a near-indestructible wall that covers the entire map, to name but a handful.

Of course, each Ultimate ability is quite powerful, but some characters - when utilized at high level - really do dominate more than the rest.

Ultimates are often the biggest part of any round, but who's the best equipped from the bunch?

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