Overwatch: Ranking All 25 Characters From Worst To Best

Winston fans should sit down now...


Since releasing in early 2016, debate hasn't stopped raging over which Overwatch hero is the best.

And it's been a surprisingly difficult task to get a solid ranking down, as Blizzard's addition of post-release characters - as well as the company's decision to constantly tweak the abilities of its playable roster - has resulted in a massively different team of characters in comparison to what shipped over a year ago.

What makes it even harder to decide on a definitive ranking is the fact that every playable character is a viable choice depending on the situation, with very few heroes being outright 'weaker' than others on the lineup.

When it comes down to it, ordering even a top ten shortlist of Overwatch's playable heroes is probably harder than picking out a favourite child, but at some point you've got to go with your gut instinct and crown one of them the winner.

And because there's no one character that's objectively 'better' than the rest (or is there?!) ranking the whole Overwatch squad can only come down to a mix of personal preference and in-game utility, starting with...

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