Overwatch: Ranking Every Seasonal Event From Worst To Best

Blizzard (mostly) knows how to throw a party.


If there's anything World of Warcraft has taught us, it's that Blizzard loves to allow the characters who inhabit their virtual worlds to celebrate various holidays and special events, decorating maps, offering exclusive items and going all-out to give cosplayers a few hundred new ideas.

Now that we're over a year removed from the release of their latest massive hit, the fantastic and unique Overwatch, it seems that old habits die hard. Thus far, the multiplayer shooter has featured six seasonal events, each bringing all-new character skins and other means of customization, as well as new or modified game modes and aesthetic changes to the maps and menus.

In addition, these events have also served as a way to keep the game fresh and interesting, as well as a way to potentially lure back lapsed players with the promise of some brand-new spoils to be won and holiday-themed fun to be had.

That said, while some of these events certainly made the most of their respective concepts, their greatness also served to make the others feel rather lacking in comparison. And this is how they stack up.

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