Bethesda Softworks

Fallout: 10 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know

You can play as a morphine-addicted, Brahmin-tipping caveman?

20 Aug 2014 Tom Butler

Grand Theft Auto Iii Logo

8 Video Game Franchises That Made Their Mark With Sequels

Second or third time's the charm.

20 Aug 2014 Kenneth Cummings

Fox Interactive

20 Greatest Video Games You've Never Played

Proof that critical acclaim does not equal commercial success.

20 Aug 2014 Tom Butler

Liverpool Fifa 15

FIFA 15: Liverpool Player Rating Predictions

How the Reds should line up for this year's football epic.

20 Aug 2014 Henry Jackson


15 Most Disappointing Video Games Since 2000

Come in, sit down. It's okay, we've all been through a lot together.

19 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford


WWE 2K15 Roster: Predicting 36 Names Kept Secret

With only limited names announced at 2K's roster reveal, who else will be in 2K15?

19 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert

Fifa 15 Celtic

FIFA 15: Celtic Player Rating Predictions

How the Bhoys should shape up in this year's FIFA release.

19 Aug 2014 Simon Gallagher


10 Video Games That Royally Messed Us About

Ruining Christmas Day since 1986.

19 Aug 2014 Chris Allcock

Square Enix

10 Best Xbox One Games (So Far)

Absolutely mandatory titles for your Xbox One library.

19 Aug 2014 Tom Butler

MI Ltd

Football Manager 2015: 12 Players Who Will Definitely Be Over-rated

The stars who will most likely be unfairly over-powered.

19 Aug 2014 Simon Harrison

EA Sports

FIFA 15: 10 Leaked Chelsea Player Ratings

Eden Hazard and John Terry rumoured for upgrade after impressive performances in new FIFA ratings.

19 Aug 2014 Xander Markham

Kojima Productions

11 Times Video Games Did Horror Better Than Movies

What about when you're the one who has to open that creaky old door into the unknown?

18 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford


10 Video Game Heroes You Didn't Want To Succeed

Is it wrong that we didn't want these guys to win?

18 Aug 2014 Sam Coleman


10 Things Only Disney Infinity Fans Will Understand

From Wreck-It Ralph to Star-Lord, this is really fantastic plastic...

18 Aug 2014 Henry Dowling

Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

FIFA 15: 10 New Premier League Transfers Who Should Be Rated Highest

It's anyone's guess who the best Premier League team on FIFA 15 will be because of these new signings.

18 Aug 2014 Sam Heard


21 Gaming Memories Only 90s Kids Will Have

Your nostalgic trigger-word for the day? "SEE-GAA"

17 Aug 2014 Glen James Lewis

Sony Computer Entertainment

10 Incredibly Calm Moments In Otherwise Intense Games

These moments elevate their games, allowing elements of poignancy and emotion to permeate otherwise straightforward and bland titles.

16 Aug 2014 Jordan Xavier Forward


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Everything We Know So Far

From airlifting goats to a man named Skull Face's origins, the new MGS can't come soon enough.

16 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford


10 Video Game Moments That Made You Cry Like A Baby

No, there's just something in both of our eyes.... it'll probably still be here for another hour or so too.

16 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford