GTA V Grass Roots

GTA V Remastered: 10 Reasons To Revisit San Andreas

GTA V is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year - what's the first thing you're going to do in a spruced-up version of San Andreas?

13 Jun 2014 Sam Coleman

Square Enix

Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 10 Killer Features It Must Have

With 2013's rebooted 'Raider being one of the games of the year, where does the franchise go from there?

13 Jun 2014 Brian Chapman


10 Biggest Game Translation Cock-Ups Ever

All your translations are belong to us, ya spunky kid.

13 Jun 2014 Tom Butler

Fallout 4 A

10 Biggest Disappointments Of E3 2014

With an abundance of CG trailers and some hugely missed opportunities, E3 was something of a misfire this year.

12 Jun 2014 Dan Curtis

EA Sports

Madden 15: 10 Over-Rated Players That Need Downgrading

These players deserve a serious reality check from EA Sports.

12 Jun 2014 Finlay Hutchison

World Of Warcraft: 5 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It's been going for almost ten years and has more users than several countries. World of Warcraft just can't be ignored...

12 Jun 2014 Tom Butler


E3: 20 Jaw-Dropping Game Reveals You Need To Know About

It's taken months, but we finally have a huge amount of incredible games to pre-order and look forward to.

12 Jun 2014 Matthew Fisher


9 Times Video Games Eerily Predicted The Future‏

Games - apparently something like a more violent, shooty Nostradamus.

12 Jun 2014 Tom Baker

Naughty Dog

10 Reasons Sony Won E3 2014

With the console wars now back on raging form and exclusives dropping left, right and centre - who do you think won E3?

12 Jun 2014 Jordan Xavier Forward

2K Games

10 Video Games That Were Always Doomed To Fail

Did Duke Nukem forever really stand a chance?

12 Jun 2014 Tom Butler


10 Most Unexpected Reveals Of E3 2014

Step outside the countless sequels, and join us in celebrating the truly surprising titles at E3.

12 Jun 2014 Tom Regan


10 Fanatical Gamers Who Took Their Obsession Way Too Far

Tragic cases which serve as a caution to the excesses of gaming escapism.

11 Jun 2014 Andrew Dilks

20 Most Frustratingly Difficult Video Game Levels Of All Time

The levels that are at best unreasonably cruel, and at worst mock your pathetic ability with wholehearted glee.

11 Jun 2014 Sam Heard


10 Worst Controller Designs Ever

These awful controllers could have put gamers off for life.

11 Jun 2014 Tom Butler


Mortal Kombat 10: 5 Killer Things We Learned At E3

GET OVER HERE… we have an awesome trailer to discuss.

11 Jun 2014 Michael Downie


Super Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS: 5 Things We Learned At E3

The latest addition to the roster of all-star gaming icons!

11 Jun 2014 Tom Baker


The Legend Of Zelda Wii U: 5 Things We Learned At E3

Aonuma's presentation was a good one. Here's everything you need to know...

11 Jun 2014 Tom Baker