10 Most Depressing Video Game Endings Of All Time

What happened to the days of saving those in distress and going home with a pouch full of gold coins?

16 May 2014 Sam Heard

Square Enix

10 Perfect Video Games That NEVER Need To Be Remade

The gaming industry loves to go all Hollywood on us and revamp old titles, but which titles have charm built into their original form and should be left well alone?

16 May 2014 Dan Curtis

Half Life 3

10 Announcements We Desperately Want To Hear At E3

We've been waiting over six years for Half Life 3... is this E3 our time for reveals?

16 May 2014 Jack Pooley

2K Games

WWE 2K15 Delayed Until March 2015?

WWE and 2K to release the next instalment closer to WrestleMania 31?

14 May 2014 Matt Holmes


10 Perfect Short Video Games To Get You Through A Gaming Lull

Small, but perfectly formed.

14 May 2014 Sam Coleman

Superman Kills Joker11

Injustice 2: 10 Things We Can't Wait To See

More heroes, more carnage...

14 May 2014 Joel Harley

Quantic Dream

20 Most Powerful Gaming Moments Of All Time

Those moments that stay with you long after you put down the controller and return to everyday life.

14 May 2014 Sam Heard

Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 4: 12 Most Intriguing Rumours So Far

With exactly a month until we're sure new Fallout details will emerge, what are the best fan theories online?

14 May 2014 Brian Chapman

Sledgehammer Games

10 Upcoming Gaming Sequels (We Really Don't Need)

Is there really enough new content to justify throwing down £40-50 for another pop?

13 May 2014 Jack Pooley

Van Persie 20 Fifa

FIFA 14: 10 Best Goals Ever Scored

Goals so good, they'd make Chris Kamara combust from sheer pleasure.

13 May 2014 Sam Heard


E3: 12 Incredible Leaked Sony Games That Will Rule 2014

Well, if these are true then you might as well rename Microsoft's console to the 'Xbox What?'

13 May 2014 Dan Curtis


Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Killer E3 Announcements We Await

You realise the guy in the picture isn't Batman, right?

11 May 2014 Sam Heard

EA Sports

FIFA 15: 12 Broken Things EA Sports Must Fix

How EA Sports can make the Beautiful Game even better.

10 May 2014 Barry O Halloran

Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 4: 5 Things That Will Happen (And 5 That Should)

Pack a bag, we're heading to the Commonwealth...

10 May 2014 Sam Heard


15 Best Months To Be A Gamer (Since 2000)

With 172 to pick from, which months had the best collections of killer titles all releasing within days of each other?

9 May 2014 Sam Coleman

Andres Kudacki/AP/Press Association Images

FIFA 15: 10 Under-Rated Players Who Need Upgrading

It's time to give these guys the rating they deserve.

8 May 2014 Sam Heard

2K Sports

WWE 2K15: Everything We Know So Far

10 things we do actually know about a game WWE and 2K Games are keeping quiet on...

7 May 2014 Simon Gallagher

EA Sports

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 7 Best Squad Styles You Need To Know

How to make a team filled with Championship players as good as Real Madrid.

6 May 2014 Sam Heard

Comprised in Photoshop, Assets owned by Capcom

7 Ways Capcom Can Make Resident Evil 7 A Success

With Resi 6 a bit of a stinker and a rumoured announcement only five weeks away, what would it take for you to get back into Resident Evil?

6 May 2014 Tony Searle


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 10 Killer Features It Must Have

The big dog is back!

5 May 2014 Sam Coleman