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10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Play Earthbound

We're only twenty years late. That's fashionable.

22 Jul 2014 Chris Allcock


10 Most Expensive Video Games Of All Time

Hollywood-style productions demand Hollywood-style development price tags...

22 Jul 2014 Henry Dowling

Natacha Pisarenko/AP/Press Association Images

FIFA 15: 10 Players Who Need Upgrading After World Cup

In Brazil Superstars Were Born And Reputations Were Cemented...

22 Jul 2014 Sam Heard


10 Ways Video Games Are Ruining Your Sex Life

When you expect to unlock an achievement after every sexual exploit, you have a problem.

21 Jul 2014 Sam Heard

Marko Drobnjakovic/AP/Press Association Images

FIFA 15: 9 International Teams That Need To Be Added

It's just not the complete experience unless we can play with Algeria.

21 Jul 2014 Connor Hutton


13 Greatest Dying Words From Video Game Characters

Sometimes going out with a bang can be a character's defining moment.

20 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford


20 Problems Only A Fallout Gamer Will Understand

Shoot enemy at point blank range with a flamethrower. Miss.

20 Jul 2014 Tom Butler


5 Half-Crazy Things We Want In The New GTA V

With a souped-up re-release just round the corner, what's going to make you return to San Andreas?

20 Jul 2014 James McGrath


PS4 And Xbox One: 9 Ways To Improve Every Future Game

A fool-proof guide to eradicating gamer rage.

19 Jul 2014 Austin Wood


The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Ways To Blow Skyrim Out Of The Water

In other words, the biggest task Bethesda have ever faced...

19 Jul 2014 James McGrath


WWE 2K15: 10 Epic Sting Matches That Must Be Included

Ok 2K games so you've finally got Sting as part of your franchise... now what you gonna do with him?

19 Jul 2014 Aaron Hyden


Which Video Games Are So Addictive You Had To Stop Yourself Playing?

We can turn "just one more go" into five hours at the drop of a hat.

19 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford


GTA VI: 10 Mission Types That Need To Die

Do any of us really need to play another GTA escort mission?

19 Jul 2014 Gareth Cartwright


Tekken 7: 10 Essential Features Every Fan Wants To See

'Someone throwing a man into a volcano' is just a given at this point.

18 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Batman Mass Effect Shadow Of Mordor

Comic-Con 2014: 10 Titles Every Gamer Wants To See

No longer just about comics, some of gaming's biggest titans descend upon San Diego too...

18 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Shadow Of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor - 10 Characters Who Must Cameo

Who should pop up to aid or hinder Talion's quest?

18 Jul 2014 Mark Bradley


5 Things The Destiny Beta Is Doing Very Right

Greatness? It's your Destiny...

18 Jul 2014 Michael Downie

Vaas M.

10 Most Deranged Video Game Psychopaths

The characters who have had us too scared to insert the disc.

18 Jul 2014 Sam Heard

2K Games

10 Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With In Bioshock

In a world of clones, flying cities and mechanical giant birds... what's not to love?

18 Jul 2014 Dan Curtis

Dead Space Hunter

15 Problems Only Dead Space Fans Will Understand

Being a Dead Space fan isn't all fun and games.

18 Jul 2014 Kenneth Cummings