NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat X Producer Leaves Twitter Thanks To Disgusting Rape Tweets

He received a string of messages from users who threatened to assault his daughter and wife.

30 Mar 2015 Matt Charles


Xbox One: 10 Upcoming Exclusive Games That'll Make You Buy It

Microsoft are ready to fight for your cash in 2015.

30 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford


10 Most Replayable Opening Sequences In Video Game History

There's making an entrance, and then there's making history.

30 Mar 2015 Philip Haynes

Rovio Entertainment

12 Ridiculous Video Game Movies You Didn't Know Were Happening

Because someone thought the world needs an Angry Birds movie...

29 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley


Mass Effect 4 Wishlist: 11 Things Fans Demand

An order so tall, the galaxy's finest need to be called in.

28 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford


15 Worst Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

What's worse? Wasted potential or buggy unplayable nonsense?

28 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford


15 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Fallout

From Mel Gibson cameos to world-record breaking features.

28 Mar 2015 Matt Charles

Nigel French/EMPICS Sport

FIFA 16: 10 Overrated Players Who Need Downgrading

Who hasn't lived up to EA's pre-season predictions?

28 Mar 2015 Michael Potts


PS4: 8 Awesome New Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Suspending and resuming your games is FINALLY in.

27 Mar 2015 Matt Charles

16 Little-Known Gaming Stats That’ll Blow Your Mind

From the richest Youtuber in the world to $1,000,000 pre-order bundles.

27 Mar 2015 Ewan Paterson

Bloodborne: 10 Complaints Fans Are Already Sick Of Hearing

It's not them, it's you.

27 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford

Youtube - Pewdiepie

12 Tear-Jerking Video Game Stories That'll Melt Your Heart

The passion people have for gaming can do incredible things.

27 Mar 2015 Matt Charles


10 Best WWE Video Game Storylines (They Need To Do In Real Life)

Sometimes, real life should imitate art!

26 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy


10 Beloved Video Games You Forgot Never Got Sequels

Surely there's a petition to sign or something?!

26 Mar 2015 Josh Brown


10 Impactful Ways Hardcore Fans Ruin Video Games

They couldn't even let Mass Effect 3 end properly.

26 Mar 2015 Tom Baker


10 Fantastic Video Games You’ll Never Play Because They’re Too Hard

There are two types of people; gamers, and total wimpy tutu-wearing pansy-girls.

26 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford


YouTube Ready To Create New Service That Rivals Twitch

The video-sharing Goliath could be set to take a step towards livestreaming and eSports.

26 Mar 2015 Matt Charles

EA Sports

We Haven't Ruined FIFA 15, EA Claims

Fans outraged at recent changes to the game.

26 Mar 2015 Matt Charles


11 Biggest Video Game Industry Lies You Still Believe

Thought Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer? Think again.

26 Mar 2015 Matt Charles

Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV: 9 Big Changes You Need To Know About

Almost a decade in development, it's a completely different beast now than 2006.

26 Mar 2015 Dan Curtis