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10 Most Intriguing Indie Gaming Releases Yet To Come In 2014

Step outside Triple-A games and you'll find the most intriguing releases of the year.

1 Apr 2014 Daniel Minton

Sucker Punch

Infamous: Second Son - 7 Reasons It's Sadly Not A System Seller

The first major triple-A title out the gate for the PS4, but you might be better off holding onto your cash for now.

1 Apr 2014 Jamie Maisner

EA Sports

FIFA 15: 10 Features We Can Expect To See Transferred From 2014 World Cup Game

Don't be fooled into thinking the World Cup game is just an expensive DLC - it will hint at the future of FIFA.

1 Apr 2014 Josh Challies

WWE 2K15: 10 Things 2K Can Learn From Past Games

What good's the past, if we can't learn from it?

31 Mar 2014 Tom Gibbs


10 Simple Things That Can Make A Spider-Man Game Amazing

Everyone's favourite superhero has yet to have a game as good as Batman's Arkham series, but why is that?

28 Mar 2014 Joseph Taylor

WWE 2K15 Roster Wishlist: 118 Superstars Who Should Definitely Be Included

Every name, every superstar, every one a must have.

28 Mar 2014 Tommy Bobby Watanabe


Batman Arkham Knight: 13 Ultimate Wishlist Features That Need To Happen

How to make Rocksteady's farewell to Batman the perfect full-stop.

28 Mar 2014 JD Shrader


Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Heroic Characters We Want To See

With a bigger game comes the chance for even more of the Bat-family to appear.

27 Mar 2014 Tom Pakinkis

14 Most Memorable Closing Lines In Video Game History

Finish Him! Simple, irresistible, and devastatingly brutal.

27 Mar 2014 Trent Alexander McRae


Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Things That Should Be Included

We're all praying Rocksteady can bottle the same lightning twice. If they follow through on these, it's certainly a possibility...

26 Mar 2014 Patrick Koch


10 Loveable Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games

Ever have the feeling the person you're hanging out with is cooler than you? So did the guys in these games.

25 Mar 2014 Sam Coleman

ESO Concept and Lore Designers

Elder Scrolls Online: 16 New Unseen Images You Need To See

The latest look at Bethesda's incredible looking online world, including a trio of nasties.

25 Mar 2014 Simon Gallagher


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - 10 Things We Now Know About The Phantom Pain

Ground Zeroes is worth it's weight in speculative teasing for next year's Phantom Pain regardless of anything, and here's every juicy nugget of information we've gained from its runtime.

25 Mar 2014 Robert Kojder

Microsoft Studios

12 Biggest Upcoming Video Games That Could Release Killer Prologue Levels

Ground Zeroes has potentially opened the floodgates to triple-A titles having chunks released months before the main event, but which games would we want to see?

25 Mar 2014 Tom Gibbs

Namco Bandai Games

Fallout 4: 12 Settings That Would Be Better Than Boston

If rumours are to be believed we're in for a Boston-themed Fallout 4, but there are a wealth of other locales we'd rather enact our post-apocalyptic fantasies in.

25 Mar 2014 Jordan Xavier Forward

Family Guy Online

12 Dead Online Video Games That Should Never Have Ended

Because when the servers go off, these once-awesome games became little more than expensive paperweights.

25 Mar 2014 Nathan P. Gibson

20 Surefire Signs You're Playing Way Too Many Video Games

Being a gamer is a funny old lifestyle.

25 Mar 2014 Dan Curtis


5 Unlikely Pop Culture Influences On Nintendo Games

It's often easy to forget the geniuses who put together our favourite titles were influenced by others too.

24 Mar 2014 Douglas McCausland

Rockstar Games

9 Most Shocking Betrayals In Gaming History

Not only do you have to fight to remove the knife from your back, but when's done right you'll be picking your jaw back up too.

24 Mar 2014 Matthew Fisher


5 Great Video Game Genres That Have All But Died

We mourn the loss of the side scrolling beat 'em up!

24 Mar 2014 Alex Antliff