Outlast 1

16 Biggest Jump-Scares In Gaming

This is for all those moments that are the gaming equivalent of 'that bit with the body' in the first Jaws.

5 May 2014 Tony Searle

Mileena Fatality 4

Mortal Kombat: 20 Horrifically Stomach-Churning Fatalities

This is definitely not for the faint of heart - how far can you get through this list without reverse-parking your breakfast?

5 May 2014 Tony Searle

Wwf Vs Wcw

WWE 2K15: 9 Reasons It MUST Be WWF vs WCW

"The Monday Night Wars" is the only mode that would allow WWE 2K15 to live up to the previous games.

3 May 2014 Matt Holmes

Screen Shot 2014 05 03 At 09 28 56

FIFA Ultimate Team: 8 Most Insane Pack Opening Reactions

Some of the most hilarious, intense reaction videos you’re ever likely to encounter on Youtube.

3 May 2014 Sam Heard


15 Iconic Final Shots Of Beloved Video Game Characters

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

2 May 2014 Michael Downie

Free Radical

10 Potentially Great Video Games That Were Dead On Arrival

Remember when Driv3r readied the gun to its temple with that name, and then blew its own brains out with terrible gameplay? Those were the days.

2 May 2014 Callum Shephard

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer - 5 Reasons To Be Very Excited

CoD is going into full blown science fiction mode.

2 May 2014 Michael Downie

2K Games

10 Great Video Games Whose Later Levels Are Absolute Torture

Sometimes there are those games where we just hit a brick wall of progress and it derails everything.

2 May 2014 Sam Coleman

12 Excuses You Make For Losing On FIFA

"Good game. Nice victory. Let's remain friends." Said no-one ever.

2 May 2014 Sam Heard


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Stunning Trailer Revealed

It was going to take something special to make the tired military shooter feel fresh again, but damn if they haven't knocked it out the park.

2 May 2014 Scott Tailford


10 Reasons The Next Console Generation Is A Huge Disappoinment

Is there really that much in the box that's worth the term "next gen", or all that money?

2 May 2014 Jack Pooley


10 Amazing Gaming Cinematics That Had Us All Hooked

Some games etch themselves into the history books before we've even touched the controller.

1 May 2014 Matthew Fisher

Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 4: 10 Killer E3 Announcements Besthesda Need To Make

With the world-watching, E3 stage is the perfect place for a big Fallout 4 reveal.

1 May 2014 Jordan Xavier Forward

20 Things Only Dark Souls Fans Will Understand

From admiring a lovely view to masochistically powering through even the most arduous boss battles and thwacking small lizards...the Dark Souls community is just amazing.

1 May 2014 Dan Curtis

Rockstar Games

GTA: Ranking The Soundtracks

Remember the first time you mowed down a group of thugs to Mr. Mister's Broken Wings? Oh yes.

1 May 2014 Matthew Fisher


20 Most Important Gaming Deaths This Decade

They may not have proved satisfying to everyone, but they're pretty much impossible to forget.

1 May 2014 Jack Pooley


Metal Gear Solid: Ranking The Boss Battles

One of the greatest franchises of all time, remembered for everything from cyborg ninjas to cardboard boxes, but who was the all-time best boss showdown?

1 May 2014 Robert Kojder

Team Ico

10 Hugely Loveable Gaming Bosses We Didn't Want To Kill

10 gaming bosses that were a regrettable casualty of war.

28 Apr 2014 Jack Pooley


10 Notorious Video Games That Ask You To Sacrifice Your Social Life

It's hard trying to convey just how much we NEEDED to stay up until 3am to play a video game, but we tried...

28 Apr 2014 Gareth Cartwright

5 Reasons Why Booking Revolution Is The Best Wrestling Game Of All Time

28 Apr 2014 Paul J Meekin