Hitman Contracts

Hitman's 10 Most Satisfying Assassinations

We all know assassination is morally wrong - but sometimes it just feels so darn right!

16 Jul 2014 Alex Sutton


10 Reasons Video Games Are The Hardest Thing To Write

J. J. Abrams doesn't know he's born.

16 Jul 2014 Chris Allcock


What's Your Game Of The Year So Far?

We're just past the midpoint in the year now, but which title has kept you the busiest?

15 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Screen Shot 2014 07 15 At 19 55 51

10 Video Game Confessions We’re Not Proud Of

We've all done things we're not proud of over the years... Time to 'fess up!

15 Jul 2014 Sam Heard

2K Games

WWE 2K15: Two Generations Of Sting Artwork Revealed

See the first pictures of WWE 2K15's "Two Generations Of Sting".

15 Jul 2014 Grahame Herbert


10 Reasons To Stick With Your Current Console

Can't afford to go next-gen? No worries, your old console is still worth your time.

15 Jul 2014 Henry Dowling

Jon Super/AP/Press Association Images

FIFA 15: 10 Players Who Need Downgrading After World Cup

Some players just couldn't live up to expectation in the biggest contest of all...

15 Jul 2014 Sam Heard


Watch Dogs 2: 8 Past Mistakes It Must Fix

We know the inevitable sequels are coming - so what must be done to save the game's already tarnished reputation?

15 Jul 2014 Dan Curtis

2K Games

Sting Announced For WWE 2K15 - Video And Photo

His official WWE debut (at least in video game form).

15 Jul 2014 John Canton

Naughty Dog

10 Video Games That Will Leave You A Changed Person

Life changing experiences rarely come so cheap!

14 Jul 2014 Michael Downie


Assassin's Creed: Unity New Gameplay Videos Revealed

First shown in a scripted demo at E3, we're getting a sense of just how much your actions are going to matter in the new AC.

14 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford


10 Times Games Developers Said F**k You To The Fans

You'd think putting down a chunk of cash would guarantee some satisfaction, but you'd be wrong.

14 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Electronic Arts

20 Problems Only A Sims Player Would Understand

Keep calm and speak simlish.

12 Jul 2014 Tom Butler


10 Awesome Platformers Not Made By Nintendo

There's more to 2D gaming than just Nintendo.

12 Jul 2014 Alec Belmore


8 Games That Burdened You With Awful Companions

Can we usher in a world where A.I. partners don't get stuck on walls? That'd be just great.

11 Jul 2014 Joe Pring

Namco Bandai

10 Best Dark Souls Bosses We Loved To Hate

The Dark Souls series is known for its brutal bosses – but which is best?

11 Jul 2014 Glen James Lewis