12 Sexually Awkward Gaming Moments You Can’t Explain

Gaming can make a lot of things look almost real, but there are some things that are still ridiculous.

12 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford


9 Career Mode Moments WWE 2K15 Needs To Make You Feel Like A Superstar

From NXT to Wrestlemania, we want to be in control every step of the way.

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Has A Video Game Ever Personally Offended You?

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Punk is apparently amused by his feature role in 2K15.

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5 Ways Mass Effect Betrayed Us

Hundreds of hours, thousands of decisions, FOR WHAT?

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Kevin Nash Confirmed For WWE 2K15 As Diesel

Big Daddy Cool confirms his appearance in the game before the full roster reveal this weekend.

11 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert


CM Punk Confirmed For WWE 2K15

Star will be a major part of game's theme mode.

11 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert

Square Enix

6 Video Games That Didn’t Realise They Were Being Offensive

Because obviously the autistic character should control differently.

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EA Sports

FIFA 15: 10 Things EA Think You Don't Notice

Shiny, new, but still broken. Such is the case for every FIFA game.

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15 Lies The Fallout Games Taught Us About The Real World

Don't try this at home.

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Mortal Kombat 10: 10 Awesome Game Modes That Must Return

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FIFA 15: 10 Leaked Arsenal Player Ratings

Get a sneak-peak on how EA Sports have rated 10 of Arsenal's best players.

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10 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Must Learn From GTA V

What could a sequel to one of the greatest games in history learn from the highest-selling property of all time?

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9 Major Video Games We Hate That Everyone Loves

A week ago we posed a question to the community, and here's what you all said...

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How Important Are Good Graphics To Video Games?

With the recent spate of retro-inspired titles doing the rounds, would you play something that looked like it was made 20 years ago?

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WWE 2K15 Randy Orton Graphics Revealed

New images of Randy Orton in WWE 2K15.

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10 Ridiculous Final Fantasy Things We Just Had To Go With

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy XIII doesn't make up every entry on this list.

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10 Video Games We'll Be Ashamed To Tell Our Kids About

Some day the fact that a game called Grand Theft Auto has sold over 34 million copies will dawn on us.

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