PES 2019 Demo: 7 Instant Reactions You Need To Know

6. There's No Commentary In The Demo

PES 2019

One thing you can't fail to notice when playing the PES 2019 demo for the first time is that the humdrum nonsense of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin is absent from the soundtrack. At once, this lets the (apparently) new crowd noises and chants pour through, and it saves everyone from tired lines we've been hearing for too long.

PES commentary has always been rubbish, and it's been depressing to hear Drury repeat the same garbage Jon Champion once did on play-by-play. When the developers are just re-recording the same lines with different commentators, you know there's a problem.

It's unlike any footy game to have zero announcing though, even in a demo. Does this mean that Konami have finally decided to do something about the unapologetically sh*te commentary? Fingers crossed on that one.

A complete overhaul is needed. PES has suffered from ill-fitting lines, excitement so false it's hard to stomach and a general lack of enthusiasm for way too long now. In that respect then, playing a snippet of the new game without commentary is a subtle joy.

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