PlayStation 5: 8 Rumours & Details You Need To Know

Can Sony continue its winning streak for another generation?


Who will be first to officially kick off the next generation of console gaming? Will Microsoft, eager to get an early lead on its competitor following the Xbox One's disastrous launch and subsequent struggles, be the first to market, or will it be Sony, who, up until recently, have had no reason to begin the long-winded process?

Providing an answer to that question with any sense of credibility is impossible this early on, but it's clearer now than ever, that both industry giants have commenced work on whatever's next and despite its undisputed win this gen, Sony needs to be wary of letting that success go to its head, lest it wants a repeat of the PS3.

With the Xbox One X now the de facto most powerful games console available, usurping the PS4 Pro's short-lived reign, and Sony confirming that sales of its hardware have begun to stagnate, it, just as much as Microsoft, has reason to get the ball rolling post-haste. A shortlist of potential features for the Xbox Two has already been put together, but what about Sony?

Microsoft apparently has no interest in VR technology, but rumours suggest that the PS5 will continue PSVR's legacy by baking virtual reality tech straight into the console and backwards compatibility, too, looks as if it'll finally be making a return, but the biggest question mark that remains is: will PlayStation 5 be a hybrid console?

It's not as outlandish a prospect as you might think...


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