PlayStation Classic: 10 Best Games NOT Included

Hey Sony, you know you have WAY more to put on here, right?


The PlayStation Classic’s list of 20 games was just announced and features some iconic, era defining games. Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3 and Resident Evil will all be there for fans to enjoy.

But with so many amazing games on that wonderful console, some true greats didn’t make the cut. Whether because of licensing agreements, plans for future remakes, lack of international appeal or just because 20 was all they could cram in there, such a short list was always going to lead to some disappointmen, even amongst the nostalgia fuelled excitement.

This list isn’t about nitpicking or finding fault; instead it’s a celebration of all the games the original PlayStation had to offer. Even after collecting the 20 best, there’s so many gems worthy of discussion that were left by the wayside. Because of this, sequels of games on the Classic have been left out. While some may prefer Twisted Metal 3 or Tekken 2, those franchises are represented already. It’s also unlikely Sony would have taken up two spots on Resident Evil and Silent Hill, so that misses out too.

That still leaves shelves full of games to dig into, and here’s ten of the very best.

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