PlayStation Experience 2017: 10 Major Surprises We Want To See

10. Marvel's Spider-Man Release Date


So far, Spider-Man has only seen vague teases of a '2018' release date. Sony could really make PSX a night to remember if they tie one of their biggest exclusives down with a date.

As it stands right now, the biggest problem that Sony have had with their upcoming releases is not actually giving a solid release window for them. The best thing that PSX can hope to do this year is to actually set more detailed release dates. This means that next E3 can be used to get fans excited for new reveals instead of ones we already know about.

What better game to start with than with Spider-Man, arguably one of Sony's most anticipated releases? Insomniac's upcoming web-slinging simulator looks set to give Spider-Man the video game experience he's always deserved.

Currently Spidey is set for release in the first half of next year, but finding out what month would immediately give console owners something to look forward to.


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