Pokémon GO: 11 Insane Player Stories You Won't Believe Actually Happened

10. Man Catches A Pidgey While His Wife Is Giving Birth

Jonathon Theriot/Imgur

Giving birth to a child is one of the most profound times in anybody's life. It's almost as if in the same moment a new life is coming into the world, the parents can feel their old lives disintegrating before their eyes as they prepare for parenthood... in a good way, of course.

But labour can take a long time, so Pokémon GO player and impending father Jonathan Theriot decided to have a look to see if there were any Pokemon indigenous to the pregnancy ward. As it turns out, Pidgeys are quite fond of them, and Theriot took the opportunity to catch it while his wife was sweating and working on her deep breathing.

When Theriot told his wife about his successful catch of the Pidgey, she apparently responded with an eye-roll (presumably while thinking in exasperation, "So this is the man who'll father my children for the rest of his life? Great...")

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