Pokémon GO: 15 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

12. How To Always Hit With A Pokéball (What The Rings Mean)

pokemon go

"So it's pretty much just Paper Toss with Pokéballs?" you say to yourself, after your first battle.

Yes and no, as there's a lot more going on than just swiping and hoping for the best. In fact, you've probably noticed a variety of coloured rings ensnaring and widening around your opponent.

These dictate how easy or hard the creature is to capture, so if all you see is a green ring, wait until it's at its smallest before throwing and you'll always catch your prey. You can alter the size by holding your finger over the Pokémon to shrink the ring when it appears, which if you do so before tossing your ball out, will almost always connect.

Orange and red rings mean you have calm the Pokémon a little first, otherwise they'll break back out, and you'll just waste items along the way. Purchasing or finding Great or Master Pokéballs give a greater chance of catching these higher-ranked monsters without doing so, but you can also purchase/find Berries, that will turn their threat rings back to green, allowing you to snap them up with ease.

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