Pokémon GO: 7 Sinnoh Pokémon We Can’t Wait To Catch

6. Leafeon


Leafeon probably won’t be amazing in the gym battling meta among the hardcore. But the rest of us all have a soft spot for the adorable Eeveelutions.

While Grass types have some great designs; Bulbasaur (if not Venusaur), Bellossom, Roselia... Leafeon is a standout even amongst these. Although there are several more iconic characters, there are few designs which so obviously fit their typing. The tinge of green, the crinkles, the tufts of fur.

The only real downside is the shiny model is woefully uninspired. Moreso than most, shiny Leafeon and non-shiny Leafeon look like the world’s toughest spot the difference. Those hoarding shinies from Eevee community day would be better off using it elsewhere.

Eevee itself, of course, should be its own source for hype. For one, even the most casual player will have bucketloads of them by now. And with all other previous Eeveelutions, there’s been a quick trick where a special name lets you control their evolution.

With Let’s Go! looming and Eevee’s marketing in that game, it stands to reason there’ll be a special Eevee trick once more.

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