Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: 11 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features You Didn't Know

Version-specific Pokémon? Not anymore.

Pokemon Lets Go Tips

It might not be the all-swiping, all populace-ensnaring behemoth that Pokémon Go was across 2016 and 2018's Summers, but Pokémon Let's Go is a damn fine game. There's certainly more to it than the aforementioned app in every respect, and that's down to the whole thing being a quasi-remake of Pokémon Yellow.

I say "quasi" because the majority of gameplay is 1998's delightful top-down RPG given the modern day graphics treatment, but with Pokémon Go's catching mechanics thrown overtop.

Gone are the random battles as you can now see and select what you want to hoover up instead. XP is then doled out as though you had fought, but it's peppered across your entire team, so no more endless grinding to turn that Magikarp into a Gyarados.

Overall this makes for a far snappier, somehow more addictive experience, and is exactly what old-school Pokéfans have been clamouring for since, well, gen two. Returning to the Kanto region is a delight from top to bottom, and there's a ludicrous amount of things to do - though only a fraction are made remotely obvious.

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