Pokémon Sword & Shield: 10 Creatures Copied From Previous Games

There's a reason the new Pokémon look familiar...


More Pokémon have been revealed for the upcoming Sword and Shield games, and a pattern is starting to emerge: Many of the "brand new" pocket monsters are far too similar to what we've seen in the past, be it through appearance, species, typing or all three.

And the ones which do feel totally fresh are, well, giant cakes.

See for yourself:

Game Freak have created more than 800 individual Pokémon to date, so they've earned the right to a little repetition.

However, the problem is that this repetition started emerging very early on in the franchise, and when you consider how many different plants, animals and inanimate objects exist on Earth, the justification for seeing the same ones depicted in Pokémon isn't going to be super effective.

Moving to the Nintendo Switch will introduce several exciting new changes to the way Pokémon games are played, but often the actual Pokémon will feel very familiar.

None of this means means we will love them any less, but the comparisons to what came before are becoming more obvious.


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