PS4: 12 Hardest Platinum Trophies Nobody Unlocked

1. Super Meat Boy! - Super Meat Boy 

Team Meat

Super Meat Boy is a game that prides itself on being one of the hardest platformers you'll ever play. While it starts off simple enough, the amount of skill, luck and pure persistence it takes to get through a level on a perfect run without dying is truly incredible.

So when you find out that the game requires you to get through twenty of them in a row without dying a single time in order to achieve one trophy in particular, you can imagine why even the most dedicated trophy hunters throw in the dream of popping this platinum.

Unfortunately, the rest of the trophies are just as infuriating, requiring you to get the best possible score on every level and tediously search for every single secret in the game's labyrinthine maps.

Already a difficult game to merely complete, if you're wanting to go the extra mile for this revered platinum, you better be willing to dedicate a few months to becoming the best damn SMB player the world has ever seen.


Which insanely hard trophies did you just give up on, or say "F this!" to at first sight? Let us know in the comments!

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