PS4: 15 Hardest Platinum Trophies Nobody Unlocked

4. Dat Plat - Enter The Gungeon

Dodge Roll

Before you even get into the different variables and hoops you need to jump through to achieve specific trophies, Enter the Gungeon is a pissing difficult game. Devolver Digital’s bullet-hell shooter revels in throwing as many projectiles at you as possible, forcing you to practice, look up wikis and simply 'git gud' if you want to stand a chance at even scraping it to the end.

The game is fair though, and relies heavily on trial-and-error to encourage players to keep on keeping on. Unfortunately, when going for the platinum, that’s not entirely possible. One of the biggest barriers to entry is the Lead God trophy, which tasks you with getting 5 Master Rounds in a single run.

The prerequisites for a master round are pretty simple: 'all' you have to do is beat a boss at the end of a chamber without being hit. That’s already impossible for mere mortals, so the idea of doing this five times is just... unthinkable.

And this is only one trophy. Throw on top of this completing the entire game using a specific gun, completing each chamber tens of times, alongside other challenges that require you to grind out specific items, and the experience is as long as it is difficult. Despite that, it’s become one of the most coveted plats, so isn’t actually as rare as you’d think.

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