PS4: 15 Hardest Platinum Trophies Nobody Unlocked

15. Bloodborne - Bloodborne


The likelihood that you'll make it to see Bloodborne's platinum trophy depends almost entirely on how many of the game's randomly-generated chalice dungeons you can stomach to sit through.

A rather contentious feature when the game first released, these bonus missions in From Software's PS4 exclusive can provide some of the game's toughest challenges. But the bosses hidden away in the deepest layers of these dungeons are far and away more frustrating and cheap than any you'd find in your main playthrough, which only makes trawling through all of them in order to kill the final one an incredibly frustrating experience.

Popping this platinum might have been less of a chore if these dungeons were tied more closely to the bulk of the main game, but because they're entirely self-contained and home to little meaningful loot then the only reason to slog through these tests is for that trophy.

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