PS4 Hands-On Review At E3 2013

PlayStation 4 So, after the excitement of the Press Conferences yesterday, you could have been forgiven for forgetting that there was the actual Expo to come. Yes, E3 has just kicked off. I have been running around like a madman trying to one place and the other in order to bring you guys the low down from the show room floor at the Los Angles Convention Center. The show is expectedly massive, and there is now way I will be able to cover it all, however, that doesn't mean I won't be trying my very best. For example, today was my 'quiet' day and I will be bringing you my time with The Evil Within, Rain, The Puppeteer, Wolfenstien: The New Order, Elder Scrolls Online, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Drive Club, Knack, and Gran Tarismo 6. Oh yes, for those of you sharper ones out there, you will realise some of those are Playstation 4 games. I have indeed played a few games with the Playstation 4 and] that is my first order of the day. I played and watched showcases on a myriad of games today, but I thought I would push the stuff I know you really want to hear. So yes, I have played games on the Playstation 4. While I wasn't walked through the console, I can attest to what it is like playing games on the console. First off, let me address the controller. The controller is one of the most important aspects of the console experience. They are key to how we experience a console on the most base level and it was the biggest barrier I had with the PlayStation 3. The old controller felt light, fragile and weak. The Xbox 360 controller on the other hand was a fantastic product that not only complimented the Xbox 360, but transformed PC gaming as well and it will go down as one of the best controllers in history. So, while I was excited about the Playstation 4, I had my reservations about what Sony's would play like. However, I am happy to report that this one is light years better than the last. It is more bulky, has more weight and is beautifully designed to be held. That is a massive step up for me, and it is one I know a bunch of other people will welcome also. PS4 1 However, this is all pointless if I don't go into the games. I played a few today on the PS4 but I am just going to highlight one game now so I can better contextualise the other games I played. I played a demo of Knack, the 3D platformer that was announced at the PS4 reveal in February. The basis of the idea is that you play as a Knack, a cute little robot type avatar that gains more and more body mass as he fights his way through enemies. This mass is made up of lots of little particles, from metallic spheres, to small pieces of ice allowing the cute little robot to transform into a hulking giant. It is a novel concept and one that I had some fun playing. The fighting mechanic is pretty basic and, by proxy, sluggish. While the art style is pretty and bright, I was not blown away by the graphics of the game. In fact, none of the games I played today really struck me as graphically immense so that may be of note for you. During their press conference Sony blew the lid off the video game industry and really bore their teeth to any competitors from the console market. Today, after playing around on the Playstation 4, I can report that as an experience, you won't be disappointed. Sony have really impressed me in ways I never thought they would this expo and that extends to the enjoyment of playing on their console. Sony have trail blazed through the entire show and they have all the momentum coming up to release. The Playstation 4 will be hitting this holiday season. Stay tuned to What Culture for more E3 coverage over the next few days, as well as any updates on the Playstation 4.
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