Consoles3 The world has a strange habit of tending to collectively freak out whenever new gaming consoles launch. It’s certainly a rare event and so naturally, it’s met with copious amounts of hype. For the most part though, the reactions are just strange and cannot be explained rationally.

Even big businesses and corporations get in on the craze. Everyone wants to be a part of the next generation of gaming; it’s just that various outlets have a bewildering way of showing it.This goes beyond simply buying a marked up console for $700 on Ebay too, we are talking about stories that could justifiably have their own Twilight Zone episode.

Without further ado, I present 10 outrageous incidents pertaining to the next generation of consoles. Some cases will have you heartily laughing, while others honestly just might lower your faith in various aspects of humanity.

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This article was first posted on December 7, 2013