PS5: 8 Best Rumours We Want To Come True

If Sony nail this launch lineup, they've already won the next generation.

PS5 Console

Though it only seems like yesterday when Sony were on stage announcing that the next generation of consoles were coming, the era of the PS4 has been in full swing for five years. It's been a half-decade unlike any other though, extended by half-step machines like the PS4 Pro that offered a mid-gen "refresh", introducing the world to to 4K and HDR while at the same time extending the lifespan of Sony's base model.

Though that unconventional approach muddied the waters a little, it hasn't stopped rumours swirling about Sony gearing up to properly unleash a full-on Playstation 5. With the Nintendo Switch playing by its own rules and making a ridiculously successful comeback, Sony are no longer the only horse in the race, and can't get complacent or squander their monumental lead by resting on their laurels.

Consequently, alongside the fact that console generations last anywhere between 5-8 years, official confirmation of Sony's next machine could be closer than you think. In fact, there have already been plenty of leaks over the past few months - stemming from the completely unsubstantiated to the near nailed-on - meaning we already have an idea of what the next generation could look like.

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