Rainbow Six: Siege - 10 Fan-Demands That Must Be Included

One of the best military shooters in history returns after six years, but could it be a COD-killer?

UbisoftUbisoftTom Clancy once made a potent comment which defined why his writing was both unique and enticing: €œThe difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.€ The renowned author€™s legacy continues to remain in the minds of his avid readership, but his statement reaches out even further than his own remarkable ability for storytelling, and is perfectly applied into the video games which still carry his name. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is the latest instalment in the Rainbow Six series, and from the moment it was revealed during Ubisoft€™s E3 2014 press conference it immediately captured the attention of the public and hardcore fans of the franchise. It€™s been six years since the release of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and we€™ve had to endure the problems which hindered the development of Rainbow 6: Patriots, however Siege has officially replaced Patriots and will now carry on the series in what can only be believed as a positive direction. Siege€™s pre-alpha footage from E3 demonstrated that the leap on to next-generation consoles was right decision for Ubisoft to have made. From the destructible environment to the competitive multiplayer experience seen in the preview, Siege is not holding back on delivering the authentic Rainbow Six title that Patriots could have been. With all of this being said, it€™s now time to examine 10 features that should be integrated into the latest addition to the Rainbow Six series.

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