Ranking Every Boss Battle In Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Reignited gives all of Spyro’s classic foes a makeover, but which one comes out on top?


Spyro: Reignited is jam packed with terrific bosses. Across the three games, there’s thirteen to flame, charge and glide at. Each game in the series had their own distinctive style when it came to these battles, but with the positives and negatives weighed up, you can see the cream of Reignited’s crop.

Spyro The Dragon had their bosses as fights at the end of mini levels, Ripto’s Rage used dungeons and Year Of The Dragon featured arenas with assistance from Spyro’s freed crew. Because of that, in some ways it comes down to personal preference, but some bosses have glaring shortcomings while others are clearly head and shoulders above some weaker competitors.

Obviously how good the battle itself has the most weight, but a few other things were taken into account. How well they fit their setting only really applies in Spyro The Dragon as realm wide themes were ditched in sequels, but how well they match up to the difficulty of levels around them counted too.

Seeing as Reignited is a huge upgrade on the 90s-era graphics Spyro originally had, the shiny new designs helped bosses gain (or lose) points here too.


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