Ranking Every PlayStation Developer From Worst To Best

How does Sony's wheelhouse stack up to Microsoft's recent acquisitions?


It's strange to think that for the first two generations of PlayStation consoles, the emphasis on first-party studio productivity was little more than an afterthought.

That had a lot to do with there being little need for it, alongside Sega sinking into ruin and Nintendo remaining adamantly stubborn about cartridge technology. So, third-party companies flocked to the forward-thinking haven of the PS1, with the majority all onboard when the generation segued into the PS2.

It wasn't until the painful stumble of the PS3's launch that Sony realized they needed to build an adamant advantage for themselves. They prioritized on buying or strengthening first-party studios that could create consistent content found nowhere else, and for the most part, it paid off quite handsomely.

During the last couple of years, several business decisions have led Sony to get scorn from gamers, but no one can challenge their high bar on exclusive first-party content, with 2018 being a particular watershed moment. Yet, Microsoft is aggressively attempting to turn things around - as of just last month, they surprisingly own more first-party studios than their direct competitor.

There's no more a relevant time then, to sift through Sony's first-party catalogue and examine just how strong their arsenal is to weather the upcoming storm.

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