Ranking Every Pokémon Mobile Game Worst To Best

Pokémon GO isn't the best thing you could be playing...


Everyone loves a Pokemon game. Whether you started by catching Rattatas in Red and Blue, or only got in to the games recently by catching Alolan Rattatas in Sun and Moon, anyone who has played a Pokemon game has been drawn in by catching and fielding the best army of pets they can.

But there's a wild range of games beyond this core series that not everyone knows about. From the Trading Card Game and the Mystery Dungeon series to some obscurer titles that are hard to come by or only available via digital download, there are many, many subseries and standalone games that take the beloved pets on adventures.

In particular, there are now many Pokemon games available on mobile devices and tablets. Some of these are ports of games originally available on other platforms, such as the Switch, and others are games unique to mobile devices that deliver gameplay unavailable anywhere else.

Unfortunately, not all of these games are born equal. While many come out to huge acclaim and popularity, like the popular Pokemon Go, others go unnoticed like a hard-to-catch Ghastly. In order to help you decide which to play (and which to leave in the Pokemon Day Care), I played them all for you.

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