Ranking Every Uncharted Game From Worst To Best

5. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted 3
Naughty Dog

Somewhat buckling under its own weight, Uncharted 3 closed off the trilogy by literally seeing Naughty Dog challenge themselves to code increasingly OTT spectacles and set-pieces.

Enter the 'sinking tanker' sequence; an entire ship coded with realistic water to rise and flood the place over time - all as Drake attempted to survive in the centre.

Sadly, whilst it's a technical marvel and well worth playing, this was symptomatic of the larger problem with Uncharted 3: EVERYTHING was OTT. From the Sully death fake-out to the protracted wandering desert sequence and trying to cross a wharf with a thousand laser sights blasting your shins off, after a while, it just started to become a bit of a slog.

Drake's Deception tussles frequently with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in many peoples' top lists, but for me it was never even close. Uncharted 3 boasts some of the best level design Naughty Dog have ever coded, but without natural cut-off points making them fun to take in, past the initial few moments.

Add in yet another forced supernatural element in the finale with the seemingly immortal Talbot, and ultimately - for forced rankings like this - it costs Uncharted 3 valuable points.

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