Ranking Every Uncharted Game From Worst To Best

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

uncharted 2
Naughty Dog

Before the overblown runaway plot structures of Uncharted 3 and 4, and with just the right amount of groundwork still to be laid, Uncharted 2 is that sweet spot between what a video game can do for controllable action ephemera, and how Hollywood has taught us to take it in.

Uncharted 1 laid some solid foundations, but truly, the franchise's empire was built with Among Thieves.

New soon-to-be-beloved writing duo Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley were behind the pen, with Naughty Dog's coding department ratcheting up the sheer amount of spectacle on offer. Most notably are the train sequence - where an entire physics-dependant train barrelled through an environment with zero interruptions - and a perilous jeep convoy chase where Nate leaps between multiple moving vehicles, trading fire as he goes.

Such things might be more commonplace now, but realising you were actually controlling the sort of thing on-screen we'd seen for years in cutscenes was outstanding - not to mention these set-pieces are just as fun today.

Then you've got all the overlaid story stuff, mixing a Nate, Elena and fan-favourite Chloe Frazer love triangle with double-crossing former friends and father figures like Sully forever coming to the rescue.

It might go a tad off the boil in the very last set-piece in terms of believability, but Uncharted 2 did so much right, it never really mattered.

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