Ranking Every Xbox One Exclusive From Worst To Best

16. Ryse: Son Of Rome


Ryse: Son of Rome was supposed to be a surefire early success for the Xbox One, lord knows it had all the necessary ingredients. Visceral combat, a medieval setting, gorgeous visuals and a renowned studio to tie them all together, this was the type of launch title that would singlehandedly push hardware sales. Or so Microsoft thought.

In reality, Ryse, besides the undisputed next-gen sheen, bore none of the features expected from a next-gen jump in technical opportunity. The context-sensitive combat promoting severance of limbs from Marius' enemies was a short-lived indulgence that dulled faster than his blade and the campaign, Ryse's only major component, was over in less than a solid afternoon of play.

Alternatively, you could have gone out and picked up a copy of Ridley Scott's Gladiator for a fraction of Ryse's asking price and been entertained for longer.


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