Ranking The Fallout Series From Worst To Best

Megatons of fun.


The world of Fallout is a wonderful place. Not to the extent that we'd actually want to live there, but visiting has been an absolute blast over the years.

It all started in 1997 when Interplay Entertainment dropped the original onto the PC gaming sector and it hit home with the force of a 50-megaton blast.

Role-playing fans were never the same after experiencing the post-apocalyptic thrills of the Wasteland. Bedrooms became Vaults and the world outside might as well have been laced with lethal radiation, the way we shunned it after discovering Fallout.

The series has since spanned multiple sub-genres, for better or worse, but the exhilaration of wandering the Commonwealth has never lost its appeal, and probably never will.

The latest addition to the nuclear family arrived in 2015 - Fallout 4, a game many of us are still lost in today, thanks in no small part to some excellent post-launch DLC.

But how does the current-generation instalment stack up against its predecessors? Can anything match the '90s original, and where do spinoffs like Fallout Shelter and the Tactics spinoffs sit in a definitive series ranking?

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