Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 Reasons You Should Be Worried 

8. A Prequel Limits Creativity


Perhaps because they come with too much baggage, prequels to popular properties have a tendency to suffocate under the weight of their own narratives, unable to defy the audience's expectations without undoing or contradicting the major beats of the original.

Consequently, there's already a lot we know about how Red Dead Redemption 2 needs to play out going into the game, and Rockstar would need to rock the boat in a massive way to give players a story they won't be able to map out from the get go.

The fate of Dutch's gang is already known to fans of the original game, and so Rockstar will need to find another way to create tension going into the sequel.

They've clearly already attempted to do this by introducing a new main character called Arthur Morgan, but his conspicuous absence from the first game means he's the only one who could be put in proper peril; but then killing him off would be too obvious because he's the only expendable one in the group.


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