Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything We Know About Red Dead Online

Think GTA Online, but y'know, with horses and dynamite.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp 2

By all accounts, Red Dead Redemption 2 is shaping up to be the most anticipated release of the year. Although sporting a title that makes it sound like a sequel to Rockstar's seminal western title, the game looks set to be a prequel of sorts, following the peak years of Dutch's gang during the closing years of the nineteenth century.

The story sounds immense, but while the game's single player component has dominated the bulk of the game's marketing thus far, one element fans are equally keen to see more of is the title's online mode. Save for pre-order listings posted earlier this week, not much is known about the game's multiplayer component. We can, however, expect it to take major cues from the meteoric success of GTA Online, which continues to make more money in one week than some triple-A titles do over their entire release.

And while yes, on the surface those pre-order bonuses may not offer much insight, they do provide some pretty big clues about what we can expect from Red Dead’s multiplayer element, and just how similar it’ll be to Rockstar’s most successful ever game mode.

With outfits, horses and hideouts galore, he’s everything we know about Red Dead Online (so far).

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