Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything We Know So Far

From cross-platform play to potential Mafia III links.


For a game that's releasing in less than six months, journalists and fans alike know very little about Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and the follow up to Rockstar's ludicrously successful GTA V, to say there's a lot riding on the developer's upcoming title would be an understatement.

Because it's easy to forget that not only has it been four years since the latest Grand Theft Auto and over seven years since the first Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar hasn't actually released a new game on next-gen consoles yet.

Sure, they shipped the remasters of GTA V, but as far as made-from-the-ground-up titles go, the studio hasn't yet shown what it can do with this new technology.

That said, just because the developers have been quiet on what players should expect from their next masterpiece, it doesn't mean that fans don't know anything at all. Thanks to official information unveiled by Rockstar, as well as interviews with the publisher and leaks that have increasingly revealed more about what to expect, what's known so far about Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally starting to outweigh isn't.


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