Resident Evil: The Good, The Bad, The Camp

resident evil nemesis Resident Evil is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. It has thrilled gamers from the original Resident Evil on the PSX up to the recently released Resident Evil 6. The games are scary, thrilling and addictive. They also possess some frustrating aspects as well as moments of high campness. Code Veronica with its mincing prat Alfred dressed up as Napoleon, cackling away, was more like Valley of the Zombies at times than a scary horror survival computer game. I have picked out for you a couple of key aspects of the Resident Evil game. Some are silly and campy. Some are scary and creepy. Some have made the games into the roaring success they are. And some are just plain annoying. It's just a list for fun really, plus I wanted to write an article about the game so consider yourself inflicted upon!

20. Viruses

umbrella corporation Ah viruses! Without them there would be no Resident Evil. And there are viruses a go go in the franchise to keep the game fresh by offering us up different monsters to fight. I will give you examples of a few viruses and what they do to infected subjects. The T-Virus kills and then reanimates its victims. Humans turn into zombies or lickers. Animals become hostile, grow very large, and have murderous intent. The T-Virus also plays a part in creating hunters and lickers. The T-Virus has been on the black market for a long time and is responsible for many terrorist based BOW outbreaks over the world. The G-Virus allows its subjects to mutate and survive everything that is thrown at the host. It was William Birkin's pet project and he created unstoppable killing machines which can use simple tools. If a G-Virus host takes a blow, it will mutate further. Infected creatures can generate embryos and implant them into another host. They quickly reach maturation and jump out of their host, mutating into another monster. Hunk and Ada managed to smuggle out samples of the G-Virus and like T-Virus, it is available on the black market.

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