Rocksteady's Superman: 8 Things We Need To See

8. Truly Great Fighting Mechanics

NetherRealm Studios

The bar was raised dramatically in 2009, with Rocksteady's release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Arkham trilogy's combat system was revolutionary, and if Rocksteady could come up with another groundbreaking combat mode, this new Superman game could well surpass the success of the Arkham series.

Superman's powers could be used creatively in takedowns similar to the 'fear takedowns' in Arkham Knight, but using the Man of Steel's unique abilities to knock out enemies.

Timing is key - without making timing an integral part of the combat system, it quickly descends into button-mashing mayhem. Fast-moving targets, stunned enemies and combos are the typical solution deployed in the action genre. Another direction would be carefully timing the power of attacks to avoid killing human enemies (who are fragile targets compared to a fully-powered Kryptonian).

The Arkham games broke up generic fist fighting using stealth mode, where Batman would take down armed guards silently to avoid attracting attention. As an all powerful Kryptonian who is impervious to bullets, this clearly won't do. Superman's powers are another route to varied gameplay - as his wide array of abilities could be utilised in combos that promote varied play.

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