Sega Mega Drive Mini: Ranking The 10 Best Games

It's arriving in September, but can Sega beat Nintendo?


The Sega Mega Drive Mini comes packed with 42 classic games that will bring back fond memories for those nostalgic for early 90s gaming. Alternatively, younger gamers who want to see what all the fuss was about in an era when Sega was still a big player in the hardware market will get to see the company at their very best.

Unlike the widely derided AtGames release, the Mini console is an exact replica of the original Mega Drive, but smaller. Plus, it comes complete with the original controller.

In the 16-bit age, Sega released a fantastic selection of games, and also had fantastic support from 3rd party developers such as Treasure, Konami and EA.

As a result, the Mega Drive Mini is full of some of the best games released on the system, and across the 16-bit era as a whole.

Whilst there are games missing from what could be deemed a full, top class collection, the quality of what's announced is fantastic. This makes picking a top 10 incredibly difficult, but that's where I come in.


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