Seth Rollins Reveals New WWE 2K18 Screenshots

Check out those shiny abs...

WWE 2K18 Seth Rollins
Twitter/@WWERollins/2K Games

The first official screenshots from WWE 2K18 have been released after the game's cover star Seth Rollins tweeted them out yesterday.

Remarking that he was "blown away" by what 2K Games had achieved with the game's graphics, Rollins tweeted both screenshots in quick succession and made a big deal out of the fact he was the one chosen to officially unveil how 2K18 is coming along.

In the first screenshot, Seth can be seen posing in-ring with his shirt off. The detail on his abs in particular is phenomenal, although there are some claiming on social media that the character looks more like Elias Sampson than Rollins.

The second depicts Seth standing on the ring apron wearing his 'Seth Freakin' Rollins' t-shirt. The key things to notice here are that 2K's hair mechanics still look to be troublesome. Also, the WWE logo on the arena banner does look a little squashed.

Other than those minor gripes (remember, the game is still in development), 2K18 looks to have upped the polygon count on characters and given specific attention to small details like body hair.

WWE 2K18 will be released worldwide on October 17, 2017.


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