Shadow Of The Colossus: Every Colossus Ranked From Worst To Best

15. Valus (Colossus #1)

Shadow Of The Colossus Valus
Bluepoint Games

Valus holds a special place in a lot of fans' hearts because it's the very first Colossus you encounter in the game, and while serving up little challenge, it is nevertheless a thrilling introduction to the mechanics that come to define the rest of the game.

Finding the glowing weak points, stabbing them, climbing up the creature's fur and vaulting across the platforms on its all contributes to create an experience of jaw-dropping, eerie scale every time you do it. It's never anywhere near as thrilling as that first time, though.

It may not have the most imaginative design compared to some of the other, more adventurous colossi, but for most games, its intimidating size alone would make it worthy of end-boss status. For this game, it's basically the tutorial.


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