Skyrim Dawnguard DLC "Not Cancelled" On PS3

Dawnguard, the first downloadable content released for Skyrim, has not been cancelled on the PS3, according to a Tweet by Bethesda's PR and Marketing Officer Pete Hines. Gamers who own the fantasy epic on the PlayStation console have become rather despondent in recent months after the DLC was thought to be arriving on the Sony console after a 30 day period of exclusivity on the Xbox 360 back in June, only for it to be delayed time and time again due to unstated issues. In August, Bethesda themselves warned that the content may never arrive on the PS3. However, according to a recent Tweet by Hines, (below) Bethesda haven't quite abandoned hopes of releasing the content onto the Sony platform. In the Tweet, he stressed that the process involved in overcoming the issue preventing the contents launch "Isn't a quick one" but that the content has not been cancelled on the PS3. The news will come as a welcome relief to Sony fans after they had to first sit by and watch the content launch exclusively onto rival platform Xbox 360, only to then be left in the lurch yet again when the second downloadable content for Skyrim - Hearthfire - was again released exclusively onto the 360. Dawnguard centres around the player choosing whether to become a vampire lord or join a faction known as "The Dawnguard" in order to stop them, whilst Hearthfire allows players to make their own homes out of raw materials and adopt a child. PS3 owners have well and truly been left behind in terms of DLC of late, but at least there is now fresh hope of seeing both of these DLC content eventually making their way over to the PlayStation Network.
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