Many of you are probably wondering, “Wait a minute, hasn’t Dragonborn been out for ages?”, and yes, if you’re referring to the Xbox 360 version of the third DLC package for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you’re correct.

However, due to those pesky exclusivity deals that Microsoft loves to shell out for, PC owners haven’t been able to play the long-awaited DLC until this week, while PlayStation 3 owners have to wait a further six days to get their hands on it.

Still, it’s as good a time as any to examine the various hits and misses of Bethesda’s latest entry into their ludicrously addictive video game franchise. Even if not everything in Dragonborn worked, and it didn’t add quite as much mainstream content as I was hoping for – greedy as I am to soak in as much of this world as possible – it’s still a largely successful jaunt that’s well worth your money.

Here are 5 reasons Dragonborn is awesome, and 5 reasons it sucks…


5 Reasons It’s Awesome

5. Solstheim

Dragonborn takes place on Solstheim, an island North of Morrowind, which is funnily enough the last Elder Scrolls iteration in which this location appeared (the stellar Morrowind expansion Bloodmoon, to be precise). Much like Skyrim, much of Solstheim is covered in ice, but to keep things fresh, a portion of it is also charred by ash as a result of the famed Red Mountain disaster that occurred there.

Bethesda has done a great job in creating a locale that feels consistent with what we’ve seen before in the series, but is also distinguished as a fresh new place; the architecture and design is punchy, with the various cultures all being represented in their own unique and artful way.

Even though the graphics might not have moved on at all since the original game was released (but we’ll get to that in a bit), this new island breathes plenty of fresh life into Skyrim.

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This article was first posted on February 6, 2013