November 5th saw the release of the trailer for the next piece of Skyrim downloadable content, titled Dragonborn. This confirms rumours that had been circulating for several weeks, following registration of several domain names, clues found in code, and a teaser image that was recently released of a masked figure.

Here’s the trailer…

The trailer reveals that this figure is in fact the main antagonist of the DLC, along with plenty of other details. The story will take players to the northern island of Solstheim, which, if images from the trailer are anything to go by, is similar in climate to Skyrim but more like Morrowind in terms of wildlife and building-style. Not only will this content offer players an entirely new (and sizeable) area to explore, but it will also bring some much needed variety to environments. Anyone who played the Elder Scrolls III and its add-on content will be familiar with both Morrowind and Solstheim, and will no doubt relish the chance to revisit some of that game’s locations.

Plotwise, the trailer reveals that, many years ago when the dragons still lived, a powerful dragon priest ruled over Solstheim. This priest, just like the player’s Dragonborn, had the ability to consume dragon souls and draw power from them. When the dragons perished, so did the priest, but the coming of Alduin caused him to awake and resume his quest for power. No doubt the introduction of another Dragonborn will result in some epic confrontations in the new DLC.

Other details that can be gleaned from the trailer include hints that the ability to ride dragons is finally incoming, although it still is not clear if players will have actual control over the dragons in these sections, or will simply watch a predetermined cutscene. New enemies, weapons and armour types can also be glimpsed.

So far, the Dragonborn DLC has only been given a release date for Xbox Live, coming to players on December 4th. Release dates for PC and PS3 are so far unannounced.

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2012