Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC Released On PS3 In North America

Hearthfire, the second piece of Skyrim DLC, is out on the PS3 in North America from today.

Joseph Dempsey



Bethesda have launched their second piece of Skyrim downloadable content on the PlayStation 3 today, with Hearthfire now available from the PlayStation Network.

The content, which allows gamers to build a house from raw materials and adopt a child, is available for $5.00 on the PlayStation 3 and is available on a 50% discount for one week only.

It is the second piece of downloadable content to have been released on the PS3 for the popular RPG epic, following the release of Dragonborn last week.

A third piece of DLC, Dawnguard, is set to be made available from next week to finally complete the release of the trilogy of additional content which has caused a stir in the PlayStation community.

Fans have long been waiting for the content to be made available on the Sony console and have had to sit by and watch the content launch to rival console Xbox 360 on an exclusive basis in past months.

But the content is now widely available on all consoles, including the PC.

Hearthfire allows players to purchase a plot of land and build a home from raw materials as well as adopt an orphan. Gamers can also hire a bard, carriage driver and steward to stay at their new homes and will also be tasked with protecting their abodes from Giants and bandit attacks.

It is set to be released in European countries as of tomorrow and will be available for £3.22, also on a 50% off basis for one week.