The latest version of Skyrim is currently available for PC players via Steam. Still in the beta stages the 1.9 update is thought to be available to XBox 360 & PS3 users later in the month, according to Bethesda.

The main features of the latest patch introduces the new legendary skills, once skills have been maxed out to level 100 you can reset them back to level 15, effectively allowing you to infinitely max out your health, stamina and magicka. All perks in the skill tree being reset will also be available to spend on other areas. It seems to be kind of similar to the Call of Duty prestige system but will effectively allow you to level up infinitely.

The second big addition is the legendary difficulty setting, most likely for the more hardcore gamers amongst us, you’ll probably need to make the most of the legendary skills to have a chance of even having a chance.

The patch will also improve the games general performance and stability, as well as some long over due fixes to a huge array of bugs and glitches. The whole list of improvements can be viewed on the Bethesda Blog, here!

PC users are advised to try the patch without mods as they could potentially cause more issues until they receive their own updates.

What’s your thoughts on the level cap being removed? Awesome that you can make full use of the perk trees, but will it affect your gameplay or the challenge if your character is ultimately out leveling every moving thing around you?

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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013