Skyrim: The Full List of Kinect Voice Commands

In case you missed it, we bring you the full list of Skyrim's 200 Kinect enhanced voice commands.

Does your Skyrim playing experience feel altogether not shouty enough? Well, Bethesda have been listening to your concerns, as the first DLC update for the epic fantasy RPG brought Kinect enhanced voice activation for a whole new level of gameplay immersion. Shout at dragons! Cycle through menus without the inconvenience of using buttons! Shout at more dragons! The possibilities are truly endless. In total, there are an impressive 200 voice commands in all, which can be activated by either shouting in the game's Dragon language while holding down the right bumper, or in English without the control addition. The Skyrim Kinect update also allows the player to navigate through menus, inventory and the map, as well as other functions such as assigning hotkeys among others. As I said, possibilities - endless. French, Italian, German and Spanish compatibility isn't yet activated but according to Bethesda it is incoming. Those helpful devils at Bethesda have actually listed every single one of the 200 Kinect voice commands for Skyrim's kinect enhanced update. Whether they work or not is down to you not having too regional an accent - needless to say, Kinect doesn't do so well with my dulcet Geordie tones. Anyway, here are the commands in full...

Go on, get shouty. You know you want to. Just remember to have the Kinect voice controls enabled.
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